We're a veterinarian-supervised boarding facility, so you can rest assured that help will never be far away if your cat needs it.

Safe, Comfortable Accommodations for Your Feline Friend

When heading out of town on vacation or for work, you may be tempted to leave your feline friend at home. After all, cats are self-sufficient creatures, right? Unfortunately, leaving your precious pet home alone is never a good idea. Even if they have access to plenty of food and water, you never know when something might go wrong. Booking your cat their own vacation at a boarding facility is a much better option. Here at The Cat Clinic, we are proud to offer boarding services for our current patients. We provide safe, comfortable boarding for cats in Columbia, Forest Acres, Shandon, and the surrounding areas, and we’d love to have your furry friend as our guest!

The Cat Clinic Kennels

Our Boarding Facility

Our calm, quiet boarding facility was designed with the needs of cats in mind. Each cage is custom-made and offers a higher degree of comfort than traditional stainless steel cages. These spacious units feature a separate room for the litter box and a shelf your cat can perch on to view our outside bird feeders. We can even accommodate special needs cats and have heated cages that are perfect for senior kitties. Dry food can be provided for your cat’s stay for an additional $2 per day, but you are more than welcome to bring your own. If they are on a special diet or eat canned food, please bring it when dropping your cat off for their stay.

Whether you are taking a short trip or need a safe place for your cat to stay long-term, The Cat Clinic is the perfect home away from home for your cat. And since we are a veterinarian-supervised boarding facility, you can rest assured that help will never be far away if your cat needs it.

Boarding Packages

White and grey fluffy cat laying next to window.

Cat Boarding in Columbia

For cat boarding in Columbia, choose The Cat Clinic. If your cat is one of our current patients and needs a safe place to stay while you’re away from home, contact us to book their stay.

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